"s": {
        "language": "en",
        "charset": "utf-8",
        "speak": "English",
        "web": "UsualToolCMS"
    "l": {
        "index": "Home",
        "article": "Article",
        "product": "Product",
        "goods": "Goods",
        "notice": "Notice",
        "center": "Center",
        "view": "View",
        "company": "Company",
        "picture": "Picture",
        "atlas": "Atlas",
        "classinfo": "Info",
	"download": "Download",
        "contact": "Contact",
        "about": "About",
        "forum": "Forum",
        "video": "Video",
        "play": "Play",
        "list": "List",
        "director": "Director",
        "actors": "Actors",
        "years": "Years",
        "area": "Area",
        "serialize": "Serialize",
        "update": "Update",
        "register": "Register",
        "login": "Login",
        "news": "News",
        "job": "Job",
        "wages": "Wages",
        "shopcart": "Shopcart",
        "account": "Account",
        "member": "Member",
        "up": "Up",
        "down": "Down",
        "more": "More",
        "new": "New",
        "authorize": "Authorize",
        "authenticating": "Authenticating",
        "qq": "QQ",
        "membercenter": "Member",
        "username": "Username",
        "password": "Password",
        "forgotpass": "Forgot",
        "search": "Search",
        "detail": "Detail",
        "size": "Size",
        "spec": "Spec",
        "color": "Color",
        "aboutus": "About Us",
        "link": "Link",
        "partner": "Partner",
        "confirm": "Confirm",
        "email": "Email",
        "title": "Title",
        "content": "Content",
        "avatar": "Avatar",
        "sex": "Sex",
        "man": "Man",
        "woman": "Woman",
        "address": "ADD.",
        "tel": "Tel",
        "fax": "Fax",
        "introduction": "Intro",
        "validatecode": "Captcha",
        "changeit": "Change it",
        "order": "Order",
        "menu": "Menu",
        "balance": "Balance",
        "level": "Level",
        "lg": "Language",
        "os": "OS",
        "pr": "PR",
        "name": "Name",
	"music": "Music",
	"song": "Song",
	"album": "Album",
	"singer": "Singer",
	"all": "All",
        "softlang": "Code",
        "database": "Database",
        "website": "Website",
        "demourl": "Demo",
        "downurl": "Download URL",
        "infoclass": "Info management",
        "infowrite": "Add Info",
        "validdays": "Valid days",
        "articlemanagement": "Article Admin",
        "writeonline": "Add New",
        "payment": "Payment",
        "registrationtime": "Reg Time",
        "lastlogintime": "Last Login",
        "fullname": "Full Name",
        "privileges:discount": "Privileges:Discount",
        "state": "State",
        "source": "Source",
        "ordernumber": "Order No.",
        "money": "Money",
        "time": "Time",
        "finish": "Finish",
        "unpaid": "Unpaid",
        "deliver": "Deliver",
        "refund": "Refund",
        "charge": "Charge",
        "other": "Other",
        "ordertime": "Order Time",
        "voucher": "Voucher",
        "customer": "Customer",
        "zipcode": "Zip Code",
        "logistics": "Logistics",
        "logisticscompany": "Company",
        "logisticsnumber": "Number",
        "logisticsdetails": "Details",
        "paymentmethod": "Method",
        "alipay": "Alipay",
        "wechatpay": "Tencent Wechat",
        "paypal": "Paypal",
        "waitinganswer": "Waiting",
        "answered": "Answered",
        "question": "Question",
        "reply": "Reply",
        "tencentaccount": "Tencent",
        "weiboaccount": "Weibo",
        "wechataccount": "Wechat",
        "binded": "Binded",
        "untie": "Untie",
        "quantity": "Qty",
        "parameter": "Parm",
        "total": "Total",
        "submit": "Submit",
        "delete": "Del",
        "unit": "USD",
        "actual": "Actual",
        "feedback": "Feedback",
        "otheraccount": "Other Accounts",
        "out": "Out",
        "ranking": "Ranking",
        "recommend": "Recommend",
        "tag": "Tag",
        "tags": "Tags",
        "read": "Read",
        "service": "Service",
        "category": "Category",
        "allcategory": "All Category",
        "stock": "Stock",
        "price": "Price",
        "sale": "Sale",
        "loginview": "Login View",
        "readme": "Read Me",
        "popularity": "Popularity",
        "details": "Details",
        "message": "Message",
        "original": "Original",
        "author": "Author",
        "pass": "Pass",
        "audit": "Audit",
        "return": "Return",
        "yes": "Yes",
        "no": "No",
        "modify": "Modify",
        "type": "Type",
        "moreupload": "Up to upload",
        "success": "Success",
        "fail": "Fail",
        "upload": "Upload",
        "uploadtime": "Upload Time",
        "contactus": "Contact Us",
        "previouspage": "Prev",
        "nextpage": "Next",
        "firstpage": "First",
        "lastpage": "Last",
        "totalpage": "Total",
        "currentpage": "Current",
        "buy": "Buy",
        "mailverify": "Email validation",
        "welcome": "Welcome",
        "close": "closed",
        "findpassword": "Find Password",
        "contactmanager": "Contact Manager",
        "orderdetaillogin": "For order details,please visit the website.",
        "enterusername": "Please enter username!",
        "enterpassword": "Please enter password!",
        "enteremail": "Please enter Email!",
        "emailerr": "Email error!",
        "entertelephone": "Please enter your phone number!",
        "entertitle": "Please enter title!",
        "entercontent": "Please enter content!",
        "selecttype": "Type must be selected!",
        "enterauthor": "Please enter author!",
        "enterpasswords": "Please confirm the password!",
        "passworderr": "The codes don",
        "entercaptcha": "Please enter captcha!",
        "captchaerr": "Captcha error!",
        "mailsenderr": "Mail not sent!",
        "mailok": "Please check email!",
        "pleasemailverify": "Please check email for verification!",
        "mailverifycode": "Email Authentication Code",
        "mailcopylink": "Please copy the following link",
        "totalnum": "Total Num",
        "updateok": "Update successed!",
        "updateno": "Failed to update!",
        "payok": "Successful payment!",
        "payno": "Payment Failed!",
        "createempty": "Required field is empty!",
        "createok": "Create successed!",
        "createno": "Failed to create!",
        "gotopay": "Go to pay!",
        "untieok": "Untie successed!",
        "untieno": "Untie failed!",
        "delok": "Delete successed!",
        "delno": "Delete failed!",
        "regclose": "Website registration closed!",
        "regmailerr": "Account/Email/Telephone registered!",
        "loginusererr": "Account does not exist!",
        "loginpasserr": "Account or password does not match!",
        "administratorreply": "The administrator has not responded, please wait patiently.",
        "noscript": "Sorry, your browser disabled JavaScript, it may not be able to use some of the site",
        "test": "Test"